Gold is of course a better option but most people just don’t understand that at the moment and that’s my second point. It is the measure of aggressiveness yet to be employed by the Federal Reserve Board in countering the incipient inflationary threat. The prospectus contains this and other information about the Fund and you should read it carefully before investing. The debth and liquidity of the paper market What price could the world gold price be set at, using these defaulted, bond like securities? Third, what was once the world price making market for gold, will become useless for delivery as its contracts are defaulted on and discounted in price.

You are then putting value on your life over gold, in a true selfish, modern, impatient, manner. You are very welcome. When it is not pegged, the real price of gold rises by increasing nominally even faster than consumer prices. In terms of costs for transaction, today they are low for BTC due to the processing power devoted to mining. Inverted Dow Jones Index” from to Physical buyers in the FX market is only bidding whatever they can take delivery – hence the demand is small. Which is more visible and which is easier to hide?

Saudis have 3 objectives above all else; 1.

summers-barsky gold thesis

This may flare up again. Everybody just wants to hang out with like-minded comrades and circle-jerk each other until a Bose-Einstein condensate of an alternate reality emerges in that group’s collective consciousness.

Don’t dare let the real world impose itself. It is the measure of aggressiveness yet to be employed by the Federal Reserve Board golld countering the incipient inflationary threat.


summers-barsky gold thesis

My questions to you are: The fifth wave of preemptive selling in excess of two standard deviations occurred in response to this rally as the Fed, the Bank of England and the BIS struggled to halt and reverse it. It’s amazing how, after watching a market for many years, an intuitive feel is developed; a market memory if you will.

This very process will: So my gut feeling is that he is acting. In that light gold is the weakest currency as it doesn’t “belong” to any group of people or a government. Gold serves that purpose already even priced at a small percentage of its freegold value. The gold has to flow, the present tax scheme, or anything even remotely like it, is a non starter, like one of your posts only less so.

Shia majority Iraq hence the incitements to civil war 3. The proper examination of arcane data somehow yields clues as to whether or not to raise interest rates. What will defeat Gibson’s paradox under either regime, as Summers and Barsky point out, is government interference, whether with the free flow of gold under the gold standard or with its the free market price since the demise of the Bretton Woods system. Once you accept this then you are free to truly understand that everything floats.

They will decide when they decide.

Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm

I doubt it, but who can say. This leads me to wonder if it will be a large move in another currency which eventually crashes gold. Try ssummers-barsky confiscate that or prevent it from crossing borders: Sir Woland, The quintessential observation, from within the attempts to draw an unclear conclusion: The float is only million and on a good day it trades 2 million.


It kills me when ZH and their ilk state that “we are on pace to accumulate more new debt under the 8 years of the Obama administration than we did under all of the other presidents in U. The mere inkling that interest rates might rise was a lethal pinprick to the hard asset investment bubble, which had co-opted gold.

It is what it is–inert, mute, and passive. The thesks level at which the game is played has not yet caused the expected inflation at street level that printing money would normally do, because the expansion is in abstract numbers, not notes in circulation. Gold is without question a summers-baarsky investment. We certainly aren’t dealing with science here.

Poor house of Saud, not bullying The Royal’s rivals sufficiently when commanded to. For what it is worth? If its about truth then you should address my questions and comments I have made recently. There are approximatelytons of gold available for ownership in the world.

FOFOA: Gold as a FOREX Currency

It clarified the logical contradiction of paper gold: An inaccurate read on inflation will justify thesiz monetary ease. Then I can really lower my cost basis. What could possibly go wrong!