This all comes back to the root problem that GW2 does not provide enough info to make proper decisions. Kinda makes me really giddy for both the giver and the recipient when I read an edit about how their wish was granted. And using a broad definition of control, some mobs can still hit you from across the room while you are behind a pillar. The gravelings fight in AC is actually a fun encounter…. Please note the attached list of 14 abilitys which are Projectile finishers. Exactly, while the monster is on you your teammates are taking shots. I found this thread on a whim and was really wowed by the community helping eachother.

Who designed this mess and why am I still playing it? I am not sure if mini packs can be given or traded but I would love to have a few minis like the hawk, owl, raven, tiger, red panda, fox and little kittens. I basically swore off dailies within a week again… lost all interest in them after a number of years. Maybe that was lag working in my favour, then. I keep seeing people praise him as the only NPC they like. As long as one person is still standing, your steady stream of respawning players will eventually bring him down.

Focus first on the lack of a Tank class. I am an Explorer, and I am enjoying GW2 immensely. Many fights require you to pick up boulders scattered around the environment and throw them at the foe for huge damage. What should often cost 6g ends up with 7g out of my pocket. Having heroes disagree is GOOD. This you can do. You must be able to do direct damage. Granted, I have been secluded for some time after my exit from Rata Sum.


I did the story version three times; two times we beat it by running in a conga line, slowly doing damage until one of the two was down.

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Also, bull-crap fights also can be extended into the Orr massive meta-event missions at the five Cathedrals. Like, even if your calculated repair bill would amount to more than X, you just pay X no everything is repaired again? My first dungeon run in GW2 I ate something like 6 deaths, 12 downs.

In open world questing, this usually only happens by accident. Some people have rightly complained that the open-world game is too easy.

The game does teach you these things though. This is my take on Engineers as well.

If you do that, you can no longer expect players to change their builds for specific challenges. I would like to request two items that are available on the BLTC but are more than I can afford based on how often I can play and principle.

gw2 thesis on speed

Most of my attacks inflict at least one condition, including the auto-attacks on both of my weapons. Sometimes by a lot.


Writ of Masterful Speed

I merely implore people to play smart and not to die trying to fully revive a teammate. Classes that are designed to be very versatile ex: I never repair anything.

gw2 thesis on speed

I can accept — with some suspension of disbelief — that there is an asuran device that allows longrange broadcasts of what people are saying. Encounters in GW2 Dungeons are always fun and engaging to me. Why the assumption that a non-optimized build is non-viable?

Thesis on Studied Speed

From the forums Q. That helps, but it only delays the inevitable. With regards to the broken armor thing: It puzzles me because I do not encounter it. They shrug, and assume that ten deaths per encounter is just gs2 the designers intended. Like any good asura, she wanted to be the best in her field, or at a bare minimum, a respected member of the community.

Am I messing up these dodges? I submit that not all abilities are useful in all situations, and thus you could construct a build which would fail miserably. Even the asura she met were… different than her collegiate peers.

What else do you suggest?