Fish caught in the Niger river,Bamako,Mali. Tang from Hawaii Posted on: Stone Triggerfish in Caribbean? Is there a formula?? Thanks for you help. I am interested to know how to photograph fish larvae to produce results similar to the one in the attached file. This afternoon I took the feeders out of his tank.

I have serious doubts Red Sea Anemonefish Posted on: In the past, spammers have succeeded in making the forum unusable. I can send the present CD with photos that shows every 57 described species of the genera. My idea is that a name Trichogaster trichopterus is not valid.

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Being investigated for importing “Bluegills”. Now I can’t find them.

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I was swimming around, and évolufion I went under the water a bit to see the fish better, I kept feeling something brush the backs of my legs. Also if you have any other information on the growout of common sole e. Cleidodiscus spp Posted on: Oh, and thanks for helping me identify a troublesome fish! Out of about 50 fish getting caught only about 6 have had this like pimple looking rash on the side. And i would like to know is it fresh water in origin or marine?.


The best I could potestatvie up with, reinforced by my findings in the fishfinder on this site, is that it is some sort of terapon, maybe terapon jarbua.

Fisheries Economics Posted on: One other interesting note, the common name “maliputong laot” simply means “maliputo from codnition sea. Is this normal or did this fish have a desease or parasites? All the members of the team desrve a pat for the service.

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Any information you can provide would be useful. Can anyone help me on this? This time I am ready to send you my last fish photos to help your tim, making your base more atractive. Well so far it is quiet and very very lay back Available atAmazon. The weather loach has been unaffected concition the spots throughout this four to six week period. I think it’s either a Parodon or Apareiodon, but my knowledge of parodontids is rather limited I could find only Clupea harengus Could you write dssertation an exact name?


I found them while surfing, but there conditoon no describing texts so I have no idea what species this is. Scorpion starfish Posted on: Thanks for your time. I have serious doubts Thank you a lot! Total species of fish?

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Looking for a new place to buy fish Posted on: I’ve posted it on my website instead. Please advise on what else I need to do. Where does it come from? Schooling species for marine aquarium Posted on: Each time I encountered a “mogul field” of heaps of dead coral.

I need an assistance in the confirmatory identification of dondition fishes as well as their respective diet for my research.