Responsibility is already taught enough in the attending school and actually keeping the grades up. Homework is always given for a purpose , and everything happens for a purpose. Homework will help you understand and be more confident in your work. Homework should be banned because it is a waste of time and I fail because I have sports that take up my whole day. There should be homework but the content of homework should be changed. Therefore any ban would only prove a recommendation at best, and could not possibly hope to be enforced. So We should do the work and be obiedient to the teacher and if its a lot then you can request the teacher to reduce it or explain it in an easy way.

The time for doing their homeworks should be spent by them bonding with their family or friends, resting, and spending their time being happy and motivated. So it should be reduced for high school kids and banned for elementary and middle school. Support Dispute Clarify anusklusmos 1 2 points Homework should be banned because it is a waste of time and I fail because I have sports that take up my whole day. Then the drop outs occur. Homework or rather busy work is not as useful of a tool as it may seem. Some are listed below – 1.

This sounds like one of the questions I get for homework:. Homework is a vital and valuable part of education. Assigning massive amounts of homework indicates massive incompetence, laziness, and failure on the part of the teacher. The homework tests your proficiency in the topic.

Homework prepares students to work more independently, as they will have to at college and in the workplace. Support Dispute Clarify achu 2 3 points Homework should not be abolished. You can find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out here.


debat tentang homework

In school everyone is equal, but at home some people have advantages because of their family background. So what do you wanna do Now? Should students be given homework tasks to complete outside school? Without education the people who invented pizza debah have been able to make the first pizza so without homework the education system wouldn’t be as efficient. For a Debate About This Issue The person who asked this question mentioned it was part of a debate competition at their school.

As Linda Darling-Hammond, a professor of Education notes, ‘many teachers lack the skills to design homework assignments that help kids learn and don’t turn them off to learning’. National tests are a way of assessing whether students are at the level they should be, if they do well on the tests, that is a good thing.

The teachers say they did all their homework and yet they are the people who fell so low of the ladder that they had to get a dfbat in education. I think homework has it’s disadvantages. Retrieved July 15,from Huffington Post: A main source of every day practice.

If homework puts students off learning, then it has been badly planned by the teacher. Hang out with some pals? C You do not do the homework because you were unable, and therefore did not learn anything.

Setting homework extends study beyond school hours, allowing a wider and deeper education. Explaining the different relations at the elementary and tetnang school levels. For older ones it might be writing up an experiment, tentangg for a test, reading in preparation for the next topic, etc.


Let’s look at why that might be. Were you to present this level of education in a missive to a prospective employer you would be rejected before they read the second sentence.

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Try feeding a family of five, keeping a roof over your head and theirskeeping the car filled with gas; when everything is going up except your salary. Very often, both elite and comparably poor students find their homework useless. Without homework how do you expect to be able honework study for a test In addition, concerns over how busy children are suggest that parents need to help their children set priorities so that homework does not take a back seat to school work.

Therefore we homfwork notice an inherent problem for homework is that it could almost never cater to every demand from students, let alone equipping them with sufficient weapons to survive this knowledge-based era. Why is homework bad? As a result few students are at their best when they sit tentng in the evening to yet more work.

Homework Should Be Banned

Some of them might favour painting but rushing to write psychological essays. Click here to login and CreateDebate will send an email for you. If it is not abolished sooner or later, the world will get colder in terms of relationship.

debat tentang homework